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07:00pm on Fri, 09 Dec 2022 - The Silent Night Murder
1599 at The Royal College
The Silent Night Murder

It's Christmas 1857, snowing outside, and Mrs Smith is ever so excited as her guests have joined her for a Christmas Eve dinner. The evening begins well enough. The tree is looking lovely. Gingerbread has been baked. Even the maid has agreed to sing a wee song. Alas, during the dinner, someone altogether unexpected turns up and more than one person is not at all happy. It doesn't end well and, in fact, at the end "There's been a murder!!"

This is a private event for one of our customers. If you would like us to perform for your private party at one of our great partner venues or a place of your choice, please contact us for details.

About 1599 at The Royal College

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons was founded on 29 November 1599 with the grant of a charter from James VI to Peter Lowe, Surgeon, Robert Hamilton, Physician and William Spang, Apothecary.

The venue has been used as the filming location for many production companies including the BBC, Gate TV Productions, SMG Television, and Blind Side Productions.

Notable features of the building include original John James Burnet stained glass windows, striking Victorian fireplaces, a sweeping mahogany staircase and spectacular chandeliers. Each individually styled room offers character, charm and period features, all beautifully maintained to the highest standards.

1599 at The Royal College
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