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07:00pm on Fri, 23 Dec 2022 - The Silent Night Murder
a virtual event
The Silent Night Murder

Join us for this interactive online Murder Mystery drama based on a true story. It's Christmas 1857, snowing outside, and Mrs Smith is ever so excited as her guests have joined her for a Christmas Eve dinner. The evening begins well enough. The tree is looking lovely. Gingerbread has been baked. Even the maid has agreed to sing a wee song. Alas, during the dinner, someone altogether unexpected turns up and more than one person is not at all happy. It doesn't end well and, in fact, at the end 'There's been a murder!!'

Watch our actors perform the storyline, examine the evidence, read the witness statements and, at the end of your two hour window, tell us who killed the victim, why and what evidence you have found. So get the detective skills out and help to solve this murder.

£8.50 is your ticket price and each week we will randomly choose someone from among the best answers submitted to win a £10 Amazon Voucher.

This is a great way to spend a night in, with family/friends, to celebrate, or just to have fun. No need to travel anywhere, and open for booking for any age (children would need adult supervision/help). Get yourselves your pens/paper, that's all you'll need, that and some detective skills!

Places available

Yes, at £8.50 per ticket.


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a virtual event
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